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The First Hospital of Jilin University

Yi Yang


Yi Yang, M.D., Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Mentor, Vice President of the First Hospital of Jilin University. In charge of Cadre Wards, Health Care Office, Examination Center, International Health Promotion Center, Specially Needed Outpatient Department. 

Main research area: cerebrovascular diseases and immuno neurological diseases. Undertook 20 national and provincial level scientific research subjects. Granted 2 Second Prize and 2 Third Prize of Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 Second Prize of Jilin University Medical Achievement Award. Published Neurology Specialty Training as the Deputy chief translator. Participating in editing 2 national level teaching material. Trained 10 master’s degree candidates and 1 doctor’s degree candidate. 

Current Academic Positions: 

Vice Chairman of Youth Committee of Neurology branch, Chinese Medical Association 

Standing Member of National Youth Specialist Committee of Cerebral Apoplexy Screening and Prevention Program, the Ministry of Health 

Youth Committee Chairman of Neurology branch, Jilin Medical Association 

Youth Committee Chairman of Jilin Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine 

Vice Chairman of Neurology Academic Exchange Association of North-eastern part of P.R. China 

Member of the 8th committee of Jilin Science and Technology Association 

Standing Member and Secretary Neurology branch, Jilin Medical Association 

Standing Committee Member of Neurology Specialty, Jilin Medical Doctor Association 

Curriculum Vitae: 

2001-2002 Graduated from clinical specialty of Jilin University 

2002-2004 Studied abroad in the University of Saskatchewan, Canada 

2004-2008 Worked in Neurology Department of the First Hospital of Jilin University 

2008-2010 Associate professor, deputy chief physician, master supervisor, deputy director of the department of neurology 

2010-2011 Promoted as professor, chief physician 

2011-2012 Qualified as the supervisor of doctor’s degree candidate 

2012-     Vice president of the First Hospital of Jilin University 

Awarded Honorary Titles: 

2011     Granted the 11th Jilin Youth Science and Technology Award 

2011     the second batch of Outstanding Youth Professional and Technical Personnel of Jilin province health system 

2012     “Spring Seedlings” talent of the first batch of universities of Jilin province 

2012     the third batch of top-notch innovative personnel of Jilin province