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The First Hospital of Jilin University

The First Hospital of Jilin University



The First Hospital of Jilin University was established in 1949 and located in Changchun—Capital City of Jilin Province. It was previously known as The First Military Medical University of PLA. Afterwards, successively, it was renamed as The Internal Medicine College of Changchun Medicine University, The First Clinical College of Jilin Medical University and The First Clinical College of Norman Bethune College of Medicine. After the merger with Jilin University in 2000, the name of First Hospital of Jilin University was adopted.

Over 60 years of development, The First Hospital of Jilin University has become the first classified 3A comprehensive hospital (The First Class Hospital of China) in Jilin Province which integrates medical treatment, teaching, research, disease prevention, health care and rehabilitation. The hospital owns two areas which cover nearly 564,000 square meters, more than 8,500 working staff and 5,939 open beds. In 2014, the annual number of patients visiting OPD is over 3,580,000. Nearly 216,000 patients were discharged from inpatient department, and more than 61,000 operations were performed. The Hospital Group was founded in 2009, now it has 29 member units which cover 25 cities and counties in Jilin Province, and has successfully built a medical collaborative network throughout the whole province.

At present, in The First Hospital of Jilin University, 348 working staff own senior professional titles, 415 others have associate senior professional titles, 104 are Ph.D. supervisors and 369 are Master students supervisors. Meanwhile, the hospital also has 3 state “Thousand Talents Program” experts selected by The Organization Department of CCCPC, 1 “Tang Aoqing”distinguished professor3 “Changbai Mountain” scholars, 20 winners of provincial and ministerial level Outstanding Young Experts5 professors who enjoy Special Government Allowances issued by the State Counciland 763 senior professional technicians.

In recent five years, the hospital has won the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 62 Scientific Research Awards at provincial and ministerial level, the Outstanding Young Science foundation of China, the Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Besides, the hospital has also undertaken 705 research projects (including 150 state-level research projects and 555 provincial level research projects), 4 projects of “973 Programs”. 11177 academic papers are published, among which there are 1064 SCI articles. The hospital has established scientific research platform, which helps lay the solid ground for scientific research development. It’s International Joint Research Center Project has won Special Project of the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” and the hospital has been approved to build Joint International Research Center for Epigenetic Medicine and Animal Model of Human Disease. Under the cooperation with overseas experts, the hospital has established Institute of Epigenetic Medicine.

The hospital has also won many honorable titles, such as “The Most Trustworthy Hospital of China”, “The National Hospital Management Year Advanced Unit”, “The National Poverty Alleviation and Development Advanced Unit”, “The Hospital Management Advanced Unit of Jilin Province”, “The Maternal and Child Health Care Work Advanced Unit of Jilin Province” etc.

The hospital has always been upholding the spirit of selfless devotion and the motto of “Virtual of Great Physician”. The First Hospital of Jilin University will continue unceasingly do the best to serve the public and, devote all the energy to medical and health works.